110uH loading coil, 80m add-on

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Add 80m to your multi-band 40-10m end-fed antenna.

Only adds an extra 2 – 2.3m depending on the 80m tuning point.

Now supplied with 2.3m of terminated wire, this will need to be tuned by the user.

Supplied with solder ring terminals and glue lined heat shrink for the main wire.

4mm binding posts.

Please note that any back orders may take up to 3 days before dispatch.

Available on back-order

1 review for 110uH loading coil, 80m add-on

  1. Tony Dooner 2M0SNT

    110uh loading coil for 80m Originally I had bought the 40 to 10m efhw. This add on for 80m works perfectly with all the remaining bands just as good as before. A sound upgrade.

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