17m 18mhz Mono-band End-fed antenna with mounting bracket

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Swr <1:1.5 (no need for an atu).
Power 800w+ PEP.
High efficiency tuned LC circuit.
Optional 4mm aluminium mounting plate with 50mm clamp ( galvanized)
7.8m long (approx).
Full half wave on 17m band.
So239 socket.
Black coated copper wire for stealth installation.
Heavy duty end insulator.
Stainless steel fittings.

Made to order only, may take up to 3 days before dispatch.


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Mono band 800w PEP End fed antenna for 17m band.

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No bracket, With bracket fitted

7 reviews for 17m 18mhz Mono-band End-fed antenna with mounting bracket

  1. Sam

    It was the first time i had used this band, excellent results, i worked some good dx and was easy to install ,plug and play.
    Thank you.

  2. Dirk, DD8PU

    Excellent !!! Easy to install, i mounted the Antenna under Roof of my House in Sloper Mode. Loud Signals !!!

  3. Edward Shipton

    Have been using for a week. worked all over the USA, Japan, South America, China, Indonesia. South Africa, that is only a few countries. worked all the continents on 30watt RF FT8. 25 ft up in the air, slopping to 20ft.
    Best ever £45.00 spent, works a charm. Thanks to all at UK Antennas

  4. Sid Henry MI5UTC

    This is my 3rd antenna from Ian and boy it does not disappoint ! I have this mounted vertically only 8ft off the ground up into a large tree in the garden. SWR is flat across the band and the build quality is as to be expected, excellent ! Turned the radio on this morning and the very first call i heard on 18.160mhz was a VK3 on SSB !! Did i read somewhere that the bands were dead ?

  5. ROBERT 2W0RQC (verified owner)

    Just confirming safe receipt of the 17m end-fed antenna for which many thanks. It’s now up and performing superbly. SWR is 1.3:1 across virtually the whole band. My first contact was with UA4FOH in Russia (1,667 miles away) and he gave me 5&9+.

    Thanks again for this first-class antenna.And the build quality is simply excellent.

  6. Terry g0spf (verified owner)

    Got my 17m endfed in the attic space worked ja2tqz with a 55 report very pleased with that contact swr is 1.1.1 across the band very well made antenna

  7. Mike Parker (verified owner)

    Hi just wanted to say thanks for producing a great antenna. I purchased the 17m EFHW for my favourite band. Got it nice and high and in the clear and needed no adjustment. I used a length of insulated wire cut to 3.94m running down the mast as a counterpoise and it works really well. SWR just over 1:1 across the whole band. Picture and link to a video on my QRZ page. 73 Mike M0SAZ.

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