Multi-band end-fed antenna 40/20/15/10m

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Swr <1:1.5 (no need for an atu).
Efficient 49:1 transformer using genuine FAIR-RITE core ( Ni/Zn Material )
Power 400w PEP , please note that the power ratings are 50% RX/TX  .
Optional 4mm aluminium mounting plate with 48mm clamp ( galvanised)
20m long (approx).
Resonant on 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands
Full half wave on 40m band.
So239 socket.
Black coated copper wire for stealth installation.
Heavy duty end insulator.
Stainless steel fittings.

Please note that any back orders may take up to 3 days before dispatch.

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26 reviews for Multi-band end-fed antenna 40/20/15/10m

  1. Tony Campbell MM7MTB (verified owner)

    I purchased this Antenna a month or so ago to fit into an extremely small garden. I have had to bend the last 4-5m at right angles to the main length of wire, but still getting very good results on foundation licence 10 watts. I have also found, that my particular installation, that 80m and 12m both tune and have performed well (especially 80m). This might be a peculiarity of my installation, and had I been able to get the full length of wire out straight, I may have found that 80m did not tune. Interestingly, the tuning is being done using my old Icom ic-737a internal tuner, nothing fancy!
    The build quality of this antenna, far outweighs its cost. Exceptional value for money!!

  2. Ben Elms-Lester (verified owner)

    Beautifully built bit of kit. I have only needed to use the inbuilt tuner on my FT991 for 80M. Fantastic results and worth every penny!

  3. Darren (verified owner)

    Excellent Antenna, have mounted in a sloping position going into a tree. Really happy with the results.

  4. Terry Hill (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot Ian nice antenna got it as sloping and its works very well happy with the results

  5. Andrew Shone. M5ALA (verified owner)

    May 2020
    I installed this aerial, up in the eaves of my house, running along the length of my house then slope down to the bottom of the garden. Not the ideal installation but it is all I have to go at. I then ran the coax down vertical about 7 feet and wound a choke with a few turns of coax and four clamp on ferrites the idea being the 7 feet or so will act as a counterpoise then hopefully choking off any further radiation down the line.
    My antenna tuned up across all bands just resonant a little below frequency. I shortened the wire by folding back on itself by about 9 1/2 inches, which brought the aerial into resonance across all bands, only 10mts is a little below the optimum, reading about 2.2 to 1 worst case, the ATU can deal with this and at the moment 10mts is not a band I use. May be when sunspot max returns I will adjust accordingly.
    All in all this is a very well made and presented aerial with a robust mounting bracket which gives me four bands to use at a very good price. I have so far after one week of use had contacts using PSK31 right across Europe and as far away as Japan although that contact started but did not complete! This may have been me of course. I will obviously continue to experiment, like all radio hams aerial experimenting is a major part of the fun of radio and as it is spring time it’s time to play aerials.
    I can wholheartedly recommend this aerial to any one who has limited space real estate and likes to remain stealthy.

  6. Charli Wilson M0XCV

    I purchased this antenna 12 months ago and it’s been in daily use since. Very well built and it far exceeded my expectations on all bands, I tune it up to 80m with ease and the tx is superb. rx is noisy but that is my location. It is very descrete, I have mine sloping from the roof to the end of my garden about 2m high at the other end. It regularly works 1000’s of miles on ssb. I have had no emc issues. I would recommend this antenna to anyone! M0XCV

  7. Les (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic really well made ..had this antenna for a few months now and it works really well..I am going to do the modification on it to cover more bands..All in all I would recommend this antenna to anyone.Four of my friends have all got one after seeing mine.. 2E0IDS

  8. Paul MM7PRJ (verified owner)

    This antenna does exactly as it says. Mine is configured to an inverted V in my back garden using a 10m pole. With my rig’s built in ATU, I can get 12,17 and some of 80m. I’m an M7, so with 10w I’m able to give out a good signal. This antenna is a bargain compared to other brands. I would definitely recommend this antenna.

  9. Steve M0SCJ

    Threw this up in a less-than-ideal back garden setting as a sloper out of a bedroom window (max 6m high?) down to about 2m at the far end. I’m very happy with the performance. Great SWR out of the box (no ATU here), and no RFI issues either. Built like a brick proverbial! Oh, and delivered ahead of schedule as well (was expecting to wait as website indicated on back-order, but still turned up within two days). Recommended.

  10. Chris Murphy (verified owner)

    Bought one of these antennas to keep me interested after the Es season finished on 6M. Build quality is fantastic and looks like it’ll last. I’ve got it set up horizontally about 27′ above the ground. Works great on all bands with SWR below 1:5. In fact it’s flat on 20M. Considering buying the 30M mono bander. Great but of kit. If your thinking on buying one, you won’t regret it.

    73s MM0KMK

  11. Rob Greaves

    Works very well. I mounted mine approx 2.5m above the ridge line on pole mounted on the gable end of our bungalow. The wire then runs along the ridge line, and is supported at the other end by a 10m Spiderbeam pole in the garden. I have worked the usual VK on 20, JA on 40m CW, and other DX on digital modes. I can match the antenna up with an LDG auto AMU (Antenna Matching Unit, no ‘tuner’ actually ‘tunes’ the antenna HI) on the WARC bands, and with a manual MFJ AMU, on 80m also. It seems to be still fairly efficient on the WARC bands where I have again had some decent DX. Before putting this antenna up I was at about 40 countries towards my DXCC with a previous EndFed antenna inside the attic and limited to 20W key down. With this antenna and usually 50W but occasionally 100W, my DXC count is now up to 85 countries! Very recommended.

  12. 782 Matt (verified owner)

    Very happy with the antenna…. Build quality is excellent… .Works very very well on 40/20/15 and 10 Metres….. With a combination of an internal and external ATU I can squeeze a few extra bands.( 30/12/6 and 4 Metres at my QTH….your QTH may be different )…..My antenna is configured as an inverted L… (as I only have a small garden ) I was so impressed I also bought the 80 Metre conversion kit.

  13. Savino (verified owner)

    Very happy with the antenna.
    Build quality is excellent. Works very well so far I manly used 40m and 20mbands I haven’t had the chance to test on all other bands.
    My antenna is configured as a slope from the garage apex to bottom my garden on a 11m pole. I am really impressed and happy with the purchase . Thanks Ian. 73’s MW0HID.

  14. John DJ6JH

    Very happy with the antenna so far. Currently in a temporary setup about 8mabove the ground from the back balcony to the back of the garage on a fiberglass mast. Swr very good on 40 lto 10 m. I made a few QSos today on 80m using the IC 7610 internal tuner,SWR 1.2 and signal reports 58 to 59+ actually swr also OK without the tuner engaged. I guess I got lucky. The difference to my Delta loop is about 1 S unit.My plan is to change the wire I also purchased from Ian and install permanently for 80 to 10m. Great build quality and exceptional customer service.

  15. Iwan Roberts

    Bought the Multi-band end-fed antenna with mounting bracket for 40/20/15/10m and I have to say it works very well and easy to set up. Highly recommended.

  16. Anthony Dooner (verified owner)

    Bought the 40 to 10m version. Arrived in a couple of days, very well made indeed. No issues.

  17. ROBERT BOSLEY (verified owner)

    Amazing… anything I can hear I can work.. I have made contacts all over the world with this antenna and the build is great.. I don’t see any problems in the future with it..

    De 2E0RMB

  18. Andy Bassett

    My first EFHW antenna was for 10-40. It was a great fit for my garden and provided me with access to all bands as advertised. The build standard of the delivered antenna, balun and fixings is excellent as the packaging and service. I have subsequently had the guys build me a wire with a choke for 80m and that works great as well and still fits within the footprint of my back garden. More recently, I have purchased a portable balun for use with my original 10-40m wire and that gave me great results whilst operating away from home on a low power (20W) rig. Superb antenna 🙂

  19. Steve Teasdale M6NKJ (verified owner)

    I bought and installed the 40-10m antenna a few months ago as my multiband vertical had stopped working. I am blown away by this antenna. It presents my rig with lower noise levels, and extremely good SWR on all 4 bands. I wish I had the space for the 80 metre version, but I’m lucky I can accommodate this really. The build quality is excellent, a real quality piece of kit. I have had QSOs with much of Europe, with regular contacts in Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia, with many reports stating that my signal was very clean, despite the antenna being 20 feet from a High Voltage Cable and transformer. Not bad for 10 watts and a piece of wire in North East England! I can thoroughly recommend this product. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

  20. Billy Fitzsimmons MM6SGZ (verified owner)

    The UK Antennas 40-10m EFHW antenna is the ideal solution for the smaller garden and discrete installations, if your after an antenna that you can take out the box and install without any messing around this is it, these work as they arrive. The build quality is excellent using the best hardware . You will not be disappointed.

  21. Darren G7GHS (verified owner)

    After over 30 years out of the hobby, I decided to give it another go and with that meant a new HF setup. I needed a stealth antenna (no annoying the family or neighbours despite having a garden big enough). So went for the 10-40M wire, down the side of the house (facing open space) in a sloping inverted V to the highest point on the house – about 8-9m at its highest point without any large poles/fixtures required.
    I really had no faith this was going to work, but SWR was below 1.5 on all quoted bands (no tuner required) and easily ATU tunable for the gaps, if need be. Without “trying hard” in the first 48hrs of use I am doing central UK to west and east Europe on less than 20w. While I want to get the wire higher in the spring, I am more than happy right now. Oh and not forgetting the build quality is amazing/sturdy and wire is not noticeable against a varied coloured background.
    Will be investing in the bigger version once I work out how I can fit it in, again, without annoying anyone 🙂

  22. Peter – M0XCX

    As a returning radio amateur I needed a stealthy antenna which would perform on most HF bands. Reading the reviews I decided to give the 130ft multi-band a go and I have to say I’m blown away with it. After some initial set up issues and with Ian UK Amtennas help I finally got it working perfectly. I cannot recommend this antenna enough. It works brilliantly on all bands and tunes using the radios internal tuner across all bands. SWR is well within tolerance. I run mine from the roof of my house over to a tree at about 40ft. It’s quiet especially on 40 & 80m. If you’re thinking of buying one don’t think again, buy it! I don’t run any sort of counterpoise, I run around 25ft of high quality coax to the radio and that’s it!

  23. Paul Howell

    I bought this antenna (40-10 EFHW) about 6 weeks ago now, having spent months trying homebrew set ups I was actually spending more time trying to get the set-up as efficient as possible than I was actually playing radio.
    After reading the reviews I took the plunge, the antenna arrived in a couple of days and it took an hour or so to get it up and running, I use it mainly on a Yaesu FT991a but have occasionally used it with my Xiegu G90. Being an M6 I am limited to 10w but I have had no problems getting to Russia, the States or Canada when conditions are right.
    The antenna is very well made with good quality fixtures and fittings and Ian was very helpful when I had a couple of questions. I am actually going to order the shortened antenna wire and loading coil for 80m as I now find I can actually hear people on 80m & 160m something that has proved elusive with my previous antennas.

  24. John Marron

    Hi,first I wobuld like to say that I have never given a company a review, but today is a must .if anyone is looking for a wire antenna solution, look no further than this family run company ,I received my antenna today super fast delivery the product is second to none and the before sales or after sales Ian will get back to you superfast..I hope someone reads this and takes my word you will not be disappointed..I threw this up as a quick try out before it got dark and swr is wow hearing stations on all bands like never before cant wait till I set it up higher tomorrow its only up 6ft at moment. Lol..big thanks again to Ian and his company..john don’t know why I am pushing on the 5 stars but will only light up 4 ..would get 10..

  25. Dimitri (G0LJU)

    I bought the EFHW antenna for 40m/20m/15m/10m from UK Antennas in March 2021. Not only was I impressed by the quality of the materials and the manufacturing, but the performance was first class! A tweak of the ATU is needed for the WARC bands but the primary bands for this antenna work nicely ATU-free!
    A month ago (Feb 2022) I saw on their website that one can buy the loading coil and a couple of metres of antenna wire to cover the 80m band. I did just that and I now have much better performance on 80m – not as spectacular as a proper size 80m EFHW but easier to match than before. My antenna is unfortunately hung only about 5-6m above ground level which makes it seriously compromised! I can only imagine what its performance would be like if I could add an extra 10m to the height!!!

  26. Gary Macleod (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for a fantastic service and even better product. Been off air for 18 years and never was able to work 20 MTRS successfully…you’ve changed that. Fantastic purchase.



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