Shortened antenna wire with 110uH loading coil fitted for 80m


Ideal replacement for our multi band antennas, or adding to the 49:1 transformer.

Will cover 80m/40m/20m/15/10m

Approx lentgh 22.5m

Comes pre-tuned with heavy duty end insulator, ring terminal and shrink tubing. (tuning only  guaranteed on our bracket version end-fed)

1.5mm heavy duty copper coated wire, not recommended for portable use.

Some tuning on 80m may be required by the user.

Please note that this item is  made to order only, at time of ordering please specify a spot frequency on 80m of your choice, orders can take up to 3 days before dispatch at busy times. Failing to request a frequency on 80m will lead to further delays in dispatch.

Available on back-order


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