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40m-7mhz Mono-band End-fed antenna with mounting bracket

(5 customer reviews)


Swr <1:1.5 (no need for an atu).
Power 1Kw PEP.
High efficiency tuned LC circuit.
4mm aluminium mounting plate with 50mm clamp (heavy galvanized).
20m long (approx).
Full half wave on 40m band.
So239 socket.
Black coated copper wire for stealth installation.
Heavy duty end insulator.
Stainless steel fittings.

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5 reviews for 40m-7mhz Mono-band End-fed antenna with mounting bracket

  1. Sid MI5UTC

    Superb build quality, fast delivery and excellent customer service. This is a fantastic mono band antenna for 40m. I have it installed as an inverted V with both ends only 8′ above ground and the centre up at 30′ supported by a tree in the garden. SWR is flat through the entire band. If 40m is your favourite band then get yourself an advantage and put up this dedicated antenna, you will not regret it.

  2. Tim G5TM

    This antenna is a great alternative to a 40m dipole if you need to feed at an end. Made loads of contacts with great signal reports. Noise floor same as centre fed dipole. Well built and recommended purchase from a very approachable seller.

  3. John Sherry GM0AZC (verified owner)

    I believe this is the best 40 metre antenna I have ever had. The swr is less than 1.5-1 no tuner required after slight adjustment.
    I do not have a huge amount of space so have it mounted in an inverted L from the ground to a 10m pole then back to the chimney of our house.
    I used it the first time the weekend of 30-31st May 2020 during the CQ WPX CW contest running 100 watts on a very busy band.
    I was amazed at the signals from some US stations some 10db over 9. I know they would be running a Kilowatt into stacked beams
    however I was able to work them first or second call and when I called CQ contest the pile up was huge at times.
    An example of some stations worked from GM Scotland:
    WP4 Puerto Rico, 9H1 Malta, WP2 US Virgin islands , 8P5 Barbados, FP8 St Pierre & Miquelon , MU2 Guernsey , P33 Cyprus
    Not to mention a huge amount of North American & European stations.
    I could hear ZM1M New Zealand working away for over half an hour , He came back to my call but could only confirm my prefix
    I think I would have needed a bit more power to make the Qso.
    May I also say the service from UK antennas is outstanding with Ian only too willing to advise
    great quality and value for money.


    Build quality 10/10 customer service 10/10 value for money 10/10 performance 10/10 40m mono band fed at 32ft high sloper 14ft off the ground this antenna just works VSWR flat across the band just wish I had bought one year’s ago will be buying some more soon thank you IAN VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER January 22

  5. EI2JEB Martin

    I have been using the EFHW 80-10 from Ian for a few months now, I can totally recommend Ian’s multiband end fed antennas. I wanted something with better swr and power handling so Ian made up 2 monoband end feds for 40 and 80 meters. WOW, I thought the multibands were good, these monobanders are the dogs. my reflected power needle has gone into retirement, all my watts are going out into the world and not back into my Amp and shack. These are seriously great antennas and I highly recommend them. Hear you all on the bands soon. 73 de Martin EI2JEB

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