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Multi-band end-fed antenna with mounting bracket 80/40/20/15/10m shortened,tune yourself on 80m

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Due to the current high demand stock is limited.

Swr <1:1.5 (no need for an atu).
Efficient 49:1 transformer using genuine FAIR-RITE core ( Ni/Zn Material )
Power 400w PEP , please note that the power ratings are ICAS 3 minuets RX/TX. .
4mm aluminium mounting plate with 50mm clamp (galvanized).
22-23m long (approx) depending on the 80m tuned frequency.
Resonant on 80, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands, fully tunable on 80m, an atu will be needed to cover 80m, 80m as a 100Khz bandwidth with a 2:1 swr.
Full half wave on 40m band.
So239 socket.
Black coated copper wire for stealth installation.
Heavy duty end insulator.
Stainless steel fittings.

Please note that this item as not been tuned on 80m and needs to be done by the end user for the frequency of their choice, supplied with end insulator cable ties and glue lined heat-shrink which will need fitting.




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Please note that the 80m section will need to be tuned by the user.


20 reviews for Multi-band end-fed antenna with mounting bracket 80/40/20/15/10m shortened,tune yourself on 80m

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic antenna! I cannot recommend highly enough! If you want to see my thoughts you can see my YouTube Video on this antenna!
    Thanks Ian!

  2. 2E0BLN Dan (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this antenna, The antenna arrived well packed with bubble wrap inside a strong box, The build quality is 1st class all stainless fittings with a water proof transformer. I have the antenna mounted at the base of a 10m telescopic pole then running down the garden just as a temporary install and im currently sat here RX saudi arabia at 5/7. so this a great antenna dont wait buy one i did . thumbs up

  3. Alan Gunn (verified owner)

    Ian is a very helpful guy.
    Helped me out with my installation problems.
    Antenna works spot on and is very well made with quality components and should last years even out live me (Old sod me)..
    I would recommend this to anybody who has limited space.
    My garden is only 9Mtr long so it runs from a 15ft pole down to a telescopic mast at around 20ft then back up the other side sort of and fastened with para cord that runs over my bungalow roof so it is like a horizontal V on a slope but working well even had a contact in the us from north wales not bad.

  4. Andy bronson m7xtt

    Works great at 30ft high on frequencies specified:)

  5. Matthew Tulip

    Brilliant antenna,i have it set up as inverted V its only 8 or 9ft off the ground but boy does it work well,5 stars from me.

  6. Levent TEDIK (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. 5 star customer service…Fab product..l would highly recommend..BIG THANK YOU

  7. Rab MM7BVP

    This is a good compromise antenna for small space. It is solidly built and it shows throughout. Although my lack of space presented some issues with tuning (The way i had installed the wire horizontal V) Ian was quick to offer sound advice and now the antenna is on a dx commander pole with the 80m coil hidden up a tree and tuning as it says on the tin.

    I was having some fun with a cobweb antenna at 20FT but this wire is something else. I highly recommend buying this antenna… For some reason mines seems to tune on the top band 160m with the internal ATU (IC7300) also which is even better.

    Thanks Ian

  8. Colin Howlett M0JYT

    I have had the antenna (multiband) for approx. 18 months and was disappointed not from the build as the antenna is built with quality parts and arrived all bubble wrapped and ready to use. My disappointment was the performance but have found this was down to me and the way I first setup the antenna. My first setup was placed around my garden fence panels about 6 feet off the ground and could hardly hear anyone. My second attempt was placing the 49:1 about a foot from the ground up to a 10 foot pole in the corner of the garden and then sloping up to the apex of the roof. This was much better but could still only make a few hundred miles into Europe. Over the weekend I decided to change again and my 3rd attempt after reading other reviews, was to do an inverted L configuration. Placing the transformer about a foot from the ground, running up a 10 meter fibre glass pole and then running it to the apex of the roof. Wow is all I can say….. the antenna is performing fantastic and spoke to Florida and Brazil on 100 watts at 57/58. This is the first time I have heard USA so height is might as they say. Thanks to the reviews of others I resolved my issues so wanted to let people know in case people are having the same issues as I had. Fantastic antenna 5 stars! plus a great delivery time and would highly recommend this antenna.

  9. Howard Grundey GM7ESM

    I was brought up by my peers with the thought that “whenever you buy an antenna, an old Elmer turns over in his grave”, i.e. make you own! Well, after many years of making my own, sheer frustration and a 30-ft x 30ft back yard, made me look at what store-bought antennae were available; eventually deciding that this one should do the job …hopefully?

    The aerial arrived, securely wrapped in bubble-wrap, within a strong cardboard box; where the quality of the fixtures and fittings was obvious right from the start. After downloading the installation instructions, my wife and I had it up in the air, and on the air, within an hour.

    What a difference! Great reception on both transmit and receive ….I should have bought one of these years ago, instead of messing around with bits of wire! I’m so impressed with this aerial, that I’ve taken down all the others, and consigned them to the skip.

    Great job, Ian; and thanks for all the advice – I’m one really happy bunny – Hi Hi

  10. Hylton Thompson

    I recently purchased a shortened 80/40/20/15/10M and a 17M monoband antenna.

    My plot is quite small at 65 sq m, with pre-existing poles in each corner that could support both antennas at an average height of 10m.

    My plan was to mount the two transformers at the top of one of the alloy poles, mounted on my 2-storey house, and to run the 17m antenna to the nearer of the two fibre glass poles at the bottom of the garden. The multi-bander + its 80m extension assembly would then run around the remaining poles, ending up at the same pole as the mono-bander.

    The antennas would require approximately 1m of cord at their ends which would be automatically provided by a simple pulley system.

    The goods arrived within a couple of days of ordering and I was highly impressed by the high standard of workmanship and quality of materials.

    Installation and testing took about two days.

    The mono-bander, which was in a straight line configuration in near enough clear space, yielded an SWR below 1.1 over the 17m band.

    The Multi-bander had 2 x 90 deg. bends which affected the SWR on all bands, but less than expected. The most affected was the bottom end of the 80m band where it went up to around 4:1. Otherwise 2:1 was the highest discovered which is well within the capabilities of all auto ATU’s. Of course the radiation pattern is also affected by this bad geometry but performance on all bands is still very good.

    My previous antennas have always been centre-fed dipoles or doublets using baluns at the rig end with ribbon cable feeding the antennas. Previously, I have always been able to work at 400W PEP without RF feedback problems. This was not the case with the EFHW antennas but several HF ferrite clamps (on the coax feeder just after its entry to the shack) did the trick on all bands.

    All in all these are excellent products at a very reasonable price and I highly recommend them.

  11. Jamie Stevens

    Bought my shortened multi-band end-fed half wave antenna from UK Antennas three weeks ago and have had great success using a Spiderbeam 12m and Messi & Paolini coax. Have logged 550+ QSO’s already, reaching as far as the US and Japan on FT8. All bands have been working for me and I am so glad I made this purchase. Thanks to Ian for his super fast help to get me going to begin with. Very, very pleased with this solution. Don’t hesitate, and look no further if you are looking to buy! You will not regret it! 🙂

  12. Chris Taylor M7TPE (verified owner)

    This 80-40-20-10 ( shortened) EFW has been with me for a fortnight and nobody is taking it from me! So glad I took advice from a local operator and went for 80m as well. My log book now has USA in it twice as well as Madeira and plenty of inter -G. So many more stations than I ever heard with my vertical.
    The reviews about quality service and the high standard of finish are spot on.

  13. Ken Sharman G7VJA

    The end fed is up and running, thanks to Ian for his help with a small install problem,
    all resolved and working well.

  14. Patrick Dee

    I bought the shortened end fed multi band with mounting bracket, I must say I don’t have the best garden so I’m limited, my wire is shaped like a Christmas Tree around my garden, partially up a tree but I still get good results especially on my favourite band 40 meters, it is a quality kit, I’m moving home soon so will experiment again, thanks Ian .

  15. Gary Keŕr

    Firstly I want to comment on how good the customer service is. I was bought the long multi band antenna as a Xmas present. Unfortunately It was just too long for my garden. After contacting Ian he said send it back and he would swap it for the shortened version. This all happened within days so top marks. You don’t get that sort of service often these days. Early tests with the antenna have been pretty outstanding testing against my full size G5RV its at least 2 s points better on every station I can hear. First 3 contacts Bulgaria, Romania and Greece all with 59 reports. I am not that used to getting heard on pileups so quickly with this antenna and all without having it up at any height (its just laying along my fence until i can get it up on my pole today. I’m looking forward to working bands I’ve not had too much success with previously. All I can say is don’t think about getting one just do it you won’t regret it.M7GHK

  16. Peter

    Excellent quality


    I recieved this antenna today well boxed and secure parcel,the build quality is superb and customer service is top notch, Ian is an absolute gentleman to deal with. If you want a very good wire antenna from 10m 15m 20m 40m /80m with 80m loading coil then this is the one to get top notch Ian.
    I put this to the test today 5/9 signals compared to my old wire antenna and less noise levels i am more than satisfied with this product.

  17. Dean M7DKN (verified owner)

    Ordered this antenna to replace my wire that I had up which was a bit deaf, wow should have got this years ago amazing reception and tx, arranged mine in a horizontal vee 25 feet in the air, no tuning swr flat, oh as a bonus the radio Atu tunes it on 160m
    This is must have antenna without a second though, build quality is best I ever seen, well done uk antennas.

  18. John withers M3WIT (verified owner)


  19. steph (verified owner)

    ive got the 80-10 shorth version as garden not long enough for the bigger one.
    works well as an inverted L at 22 feet on the horizontal.
    had to play a little to fine tune 80m, but that took no time at all.
    ive worked china, japan, indonisia on this antenna all on 10 watts.
    all in all very very happy with this antenna.

  20. Mick Farrar (verified owner)

    Finally got the antenna up today and wow!! 80 – 10 shortened version. Super low SWR across the bands and even got 80 down to 1.3. Ian was so helpful and sorted out a choke for the setup. Now to really get into HF.

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